Now that I’ll be blogging more semi-regularly, I decided to turn Comments on. I initially thought to restrict it to Blogger users, to avoid “How can you hate Random Annoying Celebrity Chef?! He/She ROCKS! You’re only jealous because you’re not as cute/can’t properly fillet a marmot/are an insufferable snob/etc. Your recipes suck! You’re so meeeeaaan!” blathering, because I have a low troll tolerance and, frankly, have never been a champion at taking criticism (what, you expected otherwise from a self-professed snarky bitch?).

However. Having learned the lesson through other blogs I frequent that comments are what make blogs living, breathing, entertaining things worth reading, and that refusing to take feedback kills the spark, I’m opening comments up to “the whole wide world”, and, absent actual abuse or active imbecility (unless it’s entertaining imbecility), I won’t interfere.

The only problem is that it isn’t retroactive, so that already-posted entries can’t be commented on. Feel free to sling whatever insights you have on my prior random insignificant musings after this post instead!